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Signing of public-private partnerships with Associations


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The public-private partnership signing will facilitate the proceedings for more than 6,000 professionals from different Associations.
In accordance with the partnership, the professionals from the Associations signing it will be able to accredit their clients' representation thanks to a statement of compliance indicating so, without the interested person intervening during the process. The partnership has been signed by the Lawyers, Property Administrators, Architects, Master Builders and Technical Architects, Economists, Administrative Managers, Social Workers, Industrial Engineers and Technical Industrial Engineers Associations in the region.

The partnership is open to other associations if they want to join.

This partnership is a step forward regarding the electronic administration and the reduction of administrative costs as well as the simplification carried out by the City Council eve before Law 39/2015 took effect. Amongst the actions developed, the information workshops with groups and people interested and the approval of the Te-Crea Order 1/2017, which means a substantial change regarding the processing of Licences and Authorizations for different works made in the municipality of Gijón.

Access the Partnership.

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